Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Seinfeld, the Meat Ball of Love, and Adoption Books

Do you know that Seinfeld episode where George tells a woman, "I love you" and she doesn't respond? He tells Seinfeld that after he said it, the words just hung out there like a big meatball. I don't really get the meatball analogy, but I get the feeling. In adoption you "put yourself out there." You don't exactly say "I love you" but you put up your website and such and it says "I'm here and I want to love you." And then you wait to hear back.

I don't know how the baby is coming. But I feel certain he/she is coming. Adoption? IVF? We don't really mind how. Although after we pay the fertility doc, which is prior to treatment and is soon, we will have to really put adoption on hold. Until then, we still have an ear to the ground and a heart on the sleeve.

We found a lovely little book called The Chosen Baby written in 1939 and reprinted in 1950. We found it in an antique shop in Brunswick MD this weekend. In it Mr. and Mrs. Brown decide life is perfect except missing a baby so they call Mrs. White who seems to work in an agency. She tells them they must be very, very patient as it will take a long time... It all works out in the end.

Today I bought a brand new book called Baby, We Were Meant for Each Other, by Scott Simon of NPR. I heard him being interviewed on Morning Edition a week or so ago. He has such a nice steady voice. And then his voice broke and he cried a little. He was recounting how his adopted Chinese daughter asked him about the day she was found abandoned in China. She knew that she had been left in a basket outside a factory, presumably because it was busy and her mother knew she would quickly be found. She asked him if she had been cold when they found her and he said no, that she had been well wrapped in blankets. Telling this just broke him up. The way his voice, so familiar to me, changed, from journalist to father, was incredibly touching.

Love, it makes us all so vulnerable.